Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outside the Bean Box - April 27, 2013

I love beans.  I grew up eating red beans and rice with my family on the Mississippi Coast.  Later in life I married a Texan and learned to love black beans with rice and now my Kentucky husband has taught me about soup beans which need a little doctoring up, but are great with some onions, cornbread and green tomato relish.  Today I was in the mood for beans or peas.  Specifically, I wanted Hoppin' John or the spicier version Hoppin' Juan, but I looked in the cabinets and had all the ingredients except black eyed peas. well, that was o.k. because I did have a can of Garbanzo beans.

As I said, I grew up eating red beans and rice, but my mom loved lima beans, so her mom (my grandmother) started making the same exact recipe, but replaced the red beans with limas.  Later in life, I had a friend who showed me that you could make pork and beans with any type of bean, not just pintos.  So, why not Hoppin' Juan with Garbanzos instead of black eyed peas.  Here is the simple recipe.  I think they might have been  a bit too spicy for most folks, but what a great way to address a craving and use up what was in the house:

Hoppin Juan

1 T. Olive oil
1-2 pieces bacon
1 chopped onion
1 chopped red bell pepper
2 chopped cloves garlic
2 chopped Jalapenos
1 can (15 oz.) beans, drained
1 can tomatoes or tomatoes with jalapenos
1 tsp. cumin
salt and pepper to taste
2 c. cooked rice

Heat oil in pan with bacon and cook until crisp.  Add onion. peppers and garlic and saute.  Add contents of tomatoes and beans as well as spices.  Cook until flavors are through.  Add rice and enjoy.

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